We are the one
Who Turns Fabric
Into Shape

We are the one
Who Turns Fabric
Into Shape

What is fabric ?
Fabric is always right next to you like cloths you wear everyday.

What does that mean by "Turning into Shape" ?
This means we make it materialized. By doing so, we realize your comfortable lives.

Ohtsuka Sangyo Material has been here in Omi region for 300 years since its fondation,
turning fabric into shape to support people at any point of our history.

We strive to be the one who thinks outside of the box and to be a customer-oriented company.
We will keep turning fabric into shape to enrich your lives.

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Technology Information

Ohtsuka's technology ; Based on our 300 years of continuous improvement.

From mosquito screen to automotive, Otsuka has constantly evolved from generation to generation throughout its 300 years of history. You can see continuous technological innovations such as lamination, cutting, sawing, and complicated non-woven molding. Some of the unique molding technologies are deep drawing and reversed tapered molding.


Product Information

From automotive to office supplies, we offer value-added products in wide ranges of areas.

With non-woven molding being our key technology, we optimize wide varieties of technology such as cutting, sawing, and laminating to fulfill customer's ever increasing needs. Not only do we fabricate, we also have integrated manufacturing system from laminating, cutting and molding. We continue creating values for broad ranges of products such as automotive interiors, office supplies, hygiene products, and so forth.


Facility Information

Our uniquely developed cutting edge equipment fulfills any kind of customers' needs.

Ohtsuka's equipment is the fundamental of our technology. By having varieties of machines from ordinal machines to unique one and only equipment, we can fulfill wide ranges of customers' needs and wants from prototyping, developing and mass production. The same can be applied to our overseas plants where we can do mass production based on the prototypes developed in Japan.



Outstanding reliability and performance record.
Ohtsuka's 300 years of history makes a tremendous difference.

Ohtsuka was established in Edo era, having begun manufacturing and selling mosquito screen. Since our foundation, we have been changing our core business from time to time for 300 years in order to meet customers' ever changing needs. With non-woven molding being our core technology, we have diversified our business portfolio into not only our main business of car interior parts, but also other areas such as railways, office supplies, packaging, etc. In addition to that, with our global presence, we strive to keep trying something new by utilizing our domestic R&D and overseas production capability.



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